Competition Resume

2003 NAGA NAGC Novice Heavy Champion
2003 NAGA Battle of the Beach White Belt Heavy Champion
2003 NAGA Worlds White Belt Heavy Champion
2004 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals Light Heavy Silver
2004 Grapplers Quest Beast of the East Champion
2005 Grapplers Quest Beast of the East Heavy Champion
2006 NAGA World Championships Black Belt Division Silver Medal
2006 NAGA World Championships Advanced Division Silver Medal
2006 Battle of the Boardwalk Advanced Division Champion
2006 Iron Man Superfight Champion
2006 Grapplers Quest National Champion
2006 Abu Dhabi Trial Renzo Gracie Representative
2007 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Bronze Medal (Brown Belt)
2007 American National Jiu-Jitsu Champion
2007 No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt World Champion
2008 Pan American Brown Belt Champion (Super-Heavy)
2009 West Coast Abu Dhabi ADCC North American Trials – 3rd Place
2009 East Coast Abu Dhabi ADCC North American Trials Champion (second person in the history of NJ)
2009 Abu Dhabi Combat Championships Competitor
2009 No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships Bronze Medal Black Belt Division
2011 Ring of Combat Light Heavyweight Champion
2012 Ring of Combat Heavyweight Champion
2012 World MMA Light Heavyweight – #3 Ranked Prospect
UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship Veteran) -Professor Tom made it to the UFC while fighting Professionally just a year and a half.
2013 Grapplers Quest National Champion, Super Heavyweight Expert Division
2013 Black Belt Adult Pan American Ultra Heavy Champion
2013 Black Belt Adult World Championship No-Gi Bronze Medal
2013 Grapplers Quest Worlds Expert Ultra Heavyweight Champion
PGL (Professional Grappling League) Superfight Champion against 375 lb Mark Tarman
2014 ADCC NY superfight Champion (Defeated Legend Renato “Babalu” Sobral)
2014 No Time Limit Submission Only Superfight Winner Against Nelson Puentes
PGL (Professional Grappling League Champion) Superfight Champion
2014 ADCC North American Trial Champion
Goodfight Superfight Heavyweight Champion (Submission victory over Rodrigo Correira- 64 minute match)
Main Event in Submission Series Pro against #1 in the world No Gi competitor 2012-2015 Joao Assis. Result-Draw
Bellator and UFC Veteran
Professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Record 9-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
2015 Inducted into the NJ Martial Arts Hall of Fame
2015 Black Belt Masters 1 No Gi World Championships Ultra Heavyweight Bronze
2015 Black Belt Masters 1 No Gi World Championships Absolute Division Champion Gold medalist
2016 ADCC Nationals Absolute Division Pro Champion
2016 ADCC North American Trials Champion
2017 Fight to Win 30 Main Event Winner over Ricco Rodriguez
2018 Fight to Win Pro 27 Main Event Winner over Lou Armezzani
2019 KASAI PRO Superfight Winner